(God's Kingdom coming to the Nations - Matt 6:10)
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Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary (including every Christ-like believer) has been given a mandate, authority and power to bring deliverance to the Nations; ushering and enforcing God’s Kingdom and Will on Earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10).

This ministry all began through the precious seed sown over the years by a lonely (but not alone) missionary, Mother Leanora Victor, who gave and shared the Gospel to the island of Carriacou, Grenada through hospitality, prayer, evangelism and practical Christianity for 27 years in the Mission House of Prayer.

A very good foundation was laid, as Mother Victor continued praying for the Lord to send a pastor to take over the work and minister to the people. She quoted - “He (God) promised me He would send me an African man that was 'free, single and disengaged' to take over the ministry”. She knew that the Lord was going to send someone from the South but little did she know that when she came to Carriacou, the Pastor was not born yet. Like Moses, he (the Pastor) was born a couple years later, raised and prepared by the Holy Ghost for the task ahead.

After years of waiting, the Lord finally sent the pastor. In July 2004, Pastor Happy Akasie and his beloved wife Denise, had their first service at the Mission House. By the next month, they outgrew the place and moved to another venue that was later destroyed by the hurricane EMILY. Before the lost of that venue to the hurricane, the government of Grenada blessed the church with a land due to their impact on the youth and the entire nation. We began a faith building project and today we thank the Lord God, Jehovah Jireh for His Divine provision and for the completion of our first Sanctuary Faith Building Project in the island of Carriacou.

Pastor Happy Akasie was born in Africa. He has had multi-cultural experiences due to his extensive travel to about 27 countries around the globe. His ministry is TWO-FOLD: Pastoral ministry and youth ministry. Doors were opened to him in all the secondary schools in Barbados, as he also goes by his youth flavored music stage name, HAPSTAR. He has been honoured to minister to Government officials and the Cabinet, as well a motivational guest speaker for Ministers and department of the youth development of Grenada; he has been occasionally called to officiated in Prayer with the Prime Minister, Political rallies, Common Wealth events and many other institutions. He is highly favoured by the Lord.

Pastor Happy operates by the Holy Spirit in the areas of Radical Uncompromised Preaching of the Word, Prophetic, Evangelistic and Deliverance ministry. His ministry is characterized with FIRE & GLORY as declared by the Holy Spirit. Carriacou has been experiencing the hand of God through this ministry as deaf ears were opened, sick healed, demonized delivered, prophecies fulfilled (Like he prophesied about hurricane IVAN, which came to past 10 days later and destroyed 90% of the houses in Grenada) etc.

The Word of God came to him by prophesy in confirmation to what God has be saying to him - "The world is hungry and thirsty; they will call you from all over the world because I have put the word in your mouth to quench the world's thirst and hunger. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, it has not even come to the mind of men what am going to do in your life, through you and what I have in store for you" -Thus saith the Lord.

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